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What could be more important than air your family breathes at home? The quality of the air we breathe at home and work—the places we spend most of our lives—has a profound impact on the quality and length of our lives. Unfortunately, we live and work amidst harmful contaminates such as mold, asbestos, and bacteria. Reducing the health impacts from these naturally occurring and manmade contaminants is possible with an indoor air quality inspection or indoor air monitoring.

Mold Detection And More

Anena Indoor Air Quality Testing and Consulting provides full-service indoor air quality monitoring in Calgary, AB and beyond. Our certified air quality inspector utilizes the most advanced indoor air quality management and monitoring equipment available to measure slight fluctuations in indoor environments, using sensitive monitors that can detect the presence of mold, asbestos, and other harmful contaminants. If contaminants are detected, we will advise you on taking steps to remove them, serving as your contractor liaison.

For Residences and Offices

Indoor air monitoring is crucial during a home or office remodel, when opening walls can disturb hidden asbestos and mold, releasing fibers and spores into the air and exposing anyone who breathes them in to serious health risks. Our indoor monitoring services remove the environmental risk from making structural changes.

Workers spend more of their lives indoors than ever before, so responsible employers, building owners, and industrial hygienists are paying heightened attention to indoor air quality for health, comfort, and happiness of their employees. Our professional indoor air monitoring methods provide peace of mind for safe and healthy environments at work or at home. Speak to us now to receive a consultation!

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